how can I probably help you

Business vision: I feel myself most comfortable as a webber in the media world

I think, I love to spend lot of my time in this area. Eager to learn, and use more and more text, picture and video editing and publicating techniques, software.

For example; I will be glad to learn cameraman with drone, 3d movie making, quick mobile web video content publication about events, attractions, etc. I believe in lifelong learning. I love screens. I like to create and invent new project and solutions. Thought I need regulated ambiance around, I more likely to work creative, varied surrounding. I am well aware that for a peaceful, low demand living I also need a working place, so that is why I flexible and open minded for every possibilities.

Especially that activities where my profession knowledge, -ordered below – is utilized. I want to use UNI-ON-LINE organization during my work as far as possible.

my career


1986-1990 Secondary Technical School of Stromfeld Aurél, Salgótarján Subject of mechanics and maintenance

1990-1995 University of Miskolc Polytechnic of Dunaújváros Faculty of technical teacher - mechanics and information technology


1995-1996 teacher (primary school, Dunaújváros)
1996-1998 NPR purchasing manager (Philips Car Systems Ltd. Sárbogárd)
1998-2002 technical purchasing agent (Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. Eger )
2002-2006 one-person firm (tourism accommodation, webber)
2007-2015 male nurse (own mother, alcheimer)
2008 - for fathers rights organizations activities (Ai, EAÉE, etc.)
2009 - chairman and factotum in UNI-ON-LINE informatics organization
2012-2013 technician, webber, (Média Eger Ltd.)
2015-2015 student, security guard school (OK-TAT-60)
2015-2016 packaging coordinator (Bosch Maklár)
2016 - lecturer (Schools in Eger)

Other qualification, courses, knowledge:

1988 - driving licence (B category)
1992 - english language, pc assistant training (KH)
1992 - value analyzer training (ME DFK)
1994 - communication training (Skill Masters)
1994 - time manager training (TMI)
1996 - business English (Berlitz)
1998 - purchasing manager (Omegaglen Kft.)
2000 - electronic publication (EKF)
2000 - project manager training
2001 - supply chain management (People Development Group)
2002 - tourism accommodation and attraction management training (EKF)
2002 - practical one person firm knowledge
2004 - practical webber knowledge
2007 - 2015 practical nurse and medical knowledge
2008 - practical organization knowledge
2008 - practical fathers for rights knowledge
2009 - 2015 practical curt, legal procedure knowledge
2012 - 2013 practical media technician knowledge (Média Eger Kft.)
2015 - security guard training (OK-TAT-60)
2015 - huge amount packaging materials circulating, coordinating in a big company environmental (Bosch Maklár)
2016 - lecturer knowledge (Schools in Eger)

Language knowledge:

Hungarian (advanced level)
English (middle level)

Professional skills

Informatics activities:

General webber actions, picture, -text,- video editing, publication, internet marketing, html 5 editing, mobile internet content planning, designe works, HTML-5 canvas editing, templates using, admin activities, testing activities, portal project co-ordinating, business discussions meetings in english as well, Integrated business processing software using
Basically used software: mfg-pro, expandable, SAP, windows (basic user), google (searching, web tools, mail, driver, map,) office, outlook, word, excel, autocad, dreamweaver, photoshop, picture viewers, flash editor, edge, edius video editor, boris, android, picsart, wps office, skype, facebook, messenger, etc...

Business activties:

huge amount packaging materials circulating, coordinating in a big company environmental, connecting with packaging and export coordinators, physical packaging handling, purchasing activities, quotations, orders, meetings, negotiation, receiving, buying, contracts, ISO 9000 system initializing using, investment cost analysis, business discussions meetings in english as well, etc.

Male Nursing activities:

escort, medical and hospital administration, diapers, sink, catering, mastication of food, patient twirling, lying -water exercise therapy, decubitus wound care, etc.

Security guard knowledge:

legal background, person and object protection systems -tools, regularity –workmanlike actions, patrolling, extraordinary event management, performance security, service –safety - enforcement rules, first aid


born in 1971 in Salgótarján, lived ~ 8 years near Dunaújváros- Székesfehérvár, Love to live in Eger since 1998, divorced, father of two fairy daughters, Hobbies: DIY, bycicle, kempo, mma, football, jogging, swimming, water activities, music, playing keyboard, virtual car racing, TV, internet,