Peter Sajat

Webber, Purchaser, Security, Male Nurse

Has it already incurred in you or your professional environment that: to must solve such as huge amount of tasks in the internet and media area, which need a flexible work power even extends into nights? Do it appears more and more texts, pictures and video editing techniques and software again and again that somebody must learn, and should use during your business process? Perhaps do you have to teach these techniques to others? Is it looks to somebody should done cameraman activities with a drone or should creating 3d animation contents? Do you probably have serious backlog in prompt publication of video web contents about attractions? Do you need a technical support with a flexible and life time learning thinking way? Does somebody should watch screens all day long because of some reasons? Does anybody should guess and plan short and long term solutions occasionally in case of extreme emergency events? Probably do you need some assistance in activities of purchasing, security, or elderly care? Do all these matters should care in English as well? Does it obvious to associate with an Internet organization like UNI-ON-LINE?

Then you should find a trustworthy, flexible work power or organization to solve these activities efficiently to reach the common goals together.

I believe I can help.

Please do not hesitate and write me to my below mentioned contact details if you also see a chance for some cooperation!

We should contact via these channels! I can receive the G-mail, Hangouts, Facebook and GSM written messages most quickly because these appear promptly in my mobile device screen. I reply to written form as soon as it possible.